How to Make Hair Extensions Last for A Long Time?

If you have ever worn any type of hair extensions, you know how awesome they are. Extra inches of hair, gorgeous fullness and density, and stunning colors are just some of its amazing features. That’s why every girl that wears extensions wants them to last as long as possible. Most people cannot afford to buy new wefts every couple of weeks so it’s understandable to want to get as much life out of them as possible. The longevity of any type of extensions is determined by the condition they’re in. Many of you have probably seen girls who don’t take care of their new strands at all so it all looks like a huge tangled mess. In that case, the days are numbered and those extensions are very soon going to become unwearable. Not only that, but damaged extensions definitely are definitely not a retty sight and it’s better to simply take them off.

So if you’re wondering how to make hair extensions last for a long time and get the most out of them, there are a couple of different factors that influence that and we recommend that you take all of them into consideration. By applying these simple tips, you can extend the life of your extensions for at least month or two, if not more.

Avoid Synthetic Hair

When talking about longevity of extensions, we first need to talk about different hair types because that is the first thing that determines it. Synthetic and real human hair are completely different and have a different expected lifespan. As you might know already, synthetic hair is not really known for its longevity and quality. It doesn’t look as good in the first place, but then it becomes even worse when it tangles and becomes really frizzy. So if you have extensions made out synthetic hair, don’t expect to wear them for more than a month or two, if you’re lucky. So if you’re looking for hair that will last for a long time, go for real human hair, Remy being of the highest quality. Human strands not only last for five months or more, but also look much better than synthetic ones. Remy hair consists only of the best strands that are carefully picked and have all the cuticles facing the same direction which significantly reduces tangles and knots.

Choose a Right Extension Type

Not all types of hair extension last the same because some are more prone to damage because of the application method than others. Pre-bonded types like I-tips and tape-in have a pretty good lifespan of usually about four to six months. However, because of the glue used, they are more prone to tangling near the roots and that definitely shortens their life expectancy. Also, both are semi-permanent methods that you don’t take off every day which also contributes to that. Micro ring extensions also have a pretty decent lifespan of about six months, but like pre-bonded types, they have to be refitted regularly. The extensions type that has proven to last the longest out of all others is clip-in. It is no wonder it is still the most popular method ever. Clip-in wefts are also extremely simple to put on and maintain and that’s what makes it a great method for beginners and advanced users alike. If they’re handled with care, clip-in wefts can last from six to twelve months, which is really a long time. So if you’re looking for longevity, definitely consider clip-in extensions.

Install Correctly

Correct application also influences how long will extensions last. When they’re installed incorrectly, a lot of different things can go wrong. First of all, the wefts or strands might fall off or detach, and nobody wants that. It can also create friction which makes the tangling more severe and you end up with unusable, tangled mess. So be very careful how you apply the extensions, especially when using hot fusion method which involves glue and heat. If it’s not done right, the glue can cause damage to the extensions. If you are not that confident in applying the extensions yourself, contact a hair professional and have it done at a salon.

Reinstall Semi-permanent Extensions Regularly

Semi-permanent extensions require regular refitting every couple of weeks so don’t forget to do that. Extensions that are left in longer than that can get damaged and tangled up. All extensions are attached near the roots, so when hair grows, that is moved further down which over time increases the possibility of breakage. If you want to get the most out of your new strands, move them up regularly and don’t wait too long to do so.

Brush Often

This is a key point something as simple as brushing can significantly extend the life of any extensions. The main cause of damage to hair is tangling, matting, and frizz. This can kill extensions very quickly and make them look horrible and unusable. Brushing a couple of times a day gets rid of tangles easily and keeps the extensions in a pristine condition.

Wash Carefully

Washing doesn’t have to be done that often when it comes to extensions, but it does need to be done with care and patient. Non-permanent wefts like clip-in or flip-in can be washed separately and it’s quite easy to do. Simply pop them in the sink, add warm water and shampoo and gently scrub. Semi-permanent extensions are washed along with natural hair since they can’t be taken off. Just be careful around the root area where the extensions are attached.

Don’t Overuse Hot Tools

Another thing that reduces the lifespan of any extensions are hot tools like a flat iron or a curler. Although those tools are great for styling and blending the hair with the extensions, heat can damage strands over time. So definitely avoid using hot tools every single day and remember to spray some heat protectant before. A blow dryer should also be used only when in a hurry, otherwise air dry the extensions.

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