What is single drawn hair? Classify hair extension with its thickness

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In hair manufature industry, beside classifying according to material such as virgin, remy, non-remy or so on, we depend on hair bundle and hair’s tail thickness to named the hair drawn. All of hair drawn are single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn and samelength drawn. Let start with detailed information of them below. What is single hair drawn? A standard bundle of single drawn hair will be thick at the top of the bundle and taper off slightly towards the end. This type of hair is perfect for natural look and cheap prices. What is more about drawn hair? There are 4 type of drawn hair: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, superdouble drawn hair and samelength drawn hair. Single drawn hair named because of hair strands length. Not all the strand hair is in the same length but quality of our product is guaranteed with soft, smoothy and heathy apperiance. It is extremely high quality with full-cuticle hair strands arranged in the same direction, which is very beautiful. Other products are Double drawn hair, Super Double drawn hair and Samelength drawn. Those are our best products that customers hardly ever have something to complain about. As a matter of fact, those hair extensions will have a little higher price compared to single drawn Vietnamese hair. For Double drawn hair and Super double drawn hair, the thichness of hair tail is more than Single drawn hair, which also have higher prices. And Samelength drawn hair which made all hair strands in the samelength and thickness will be taged with highest prices and quality.
How about our other hair extension? For all of our hair standard as mentioned above ( single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair and Samelength drawn hair), we have variety choices in hair extensions for customers. You can choose I-U-V tip clip in (hair extensions), Lace closure, full lace wigs or color hair which are colored according to your requirements. The most thing you should know is that our product made from 100% Vietnam human natural hair and big five No in our processing ( no tangle, no sheeding, no lice, no nit, no miexed). Therefore, it is totally healthy at the same time and very long-lasting. We assure the best quality and sevirces you’ll be received. Contact with us right now!

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